How to use Instagram Stories to Generate Leads for your Business.

THE INSTAGRAM algorithm is fickle. It has changed again recently. The number one complaint from users is that their overall engagement is down. Brands using Instagram as a marketing platform have seen their likes/comments decrease.

There are a couple of reasons this is occurring.

First, the platform is saturated. With over a billion active users and more are joining, there’s a great deal of content being produced daily. It is the fastest growing social media platform right now. In short, we are competing for attention.

Secondly, people’s attention spans are short and getting shorter. Every day we are inundated with information. Users are spending less time going through the feed itself and choosing to spend more time on Instagram stories. It’s quick, easy to digest, and only up for 24 hours. This creates a can sense of urgency. We want to see the content before it’s gone.

As a business, investing time and developing a strategy to use Instagram stories can help expand your brand’s reach, generate interest, and provide leads.

Since more users are spending time viewing stories, it makes sense to create more content here. We want to spend our efforts in areas where our ideal audience is hanging out. Instagram stories are positioned at the top of your account prominently displayed and offering an opportunity for your brand to be highly visible.

It is the easiest (and fastest) way to connect with your audience, build your tribe and even sell high-ticket programs, and products.

Use Instagram Stories to Drive traffic to url or IGTV.
(TIp: Video typically generates higher engagement)

Here’s the #1 reason Why you should be using Instagram Stories to promote your business – If you use Instagram, then you already know how the dreadful algorithm limits our reach.  

Instagram Stories does not have those same rules!   Because Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, Instagram wants as many people as possible to watch them, so they don’t use the same algorithm on our stories.

The goal of using Stories: Drive Traffic and Conversions

1. Get more eyes on your account/brand

2. Increase engagement, direct connections, conversions

3. Get your audience to know you on a more intimate level. Build a stronger connection/rapport.

4. Drive traffic to your current offers or offline for a 1:1 conversation via DM conversations.

Start by nurturing your audience, positioning yourself as an authority figure, and developing a trust factor through consistency in content.

Here is a sample posting schedule for your stories.

Sample Schedule:

(What to talk about and post in stories)

Monday Motivation– Identify a specific desire that your ideal prospect has (eg..achieve a specific goal tied to pain points) offer encouragement.

Teaching Tuesday– Teach/educate them in a topic of relevant interest to showcase your expertise.

Wow Wednesday -Showcase success stories (either yours or clients)

Throwback Thursday– How you overcame something related to audience pain points.

Freedom Friday– Paint the picture of how can offer them something that they desire based on pain points.

Social Saturday– This is an opportunity to show your personal side…family, behind the scenes, community events, social gatherings etc.

Sunday Spiritual– (optional) How you handle stress, maintain hope, practice self-care, and move forward.
Eg…Faith, meditation, reading, exercise, etc.

Tips for Stories DM Funnel 

•Use video as much as possible. Add interactive elements (polls, quizzes, question boxes, etc)

• Address who are you talking to:

• Address a problem

• Tell how you solve(d) it.

•Always include a CTA ( Call to Action) In other words, what do you want them to do…eg…

~Hit link in bio (latest offers, etc.), DM for more info, visit website, etc.

~Swipe up to IGTV video. You can add a workable URL link in your video description to direct your audience off the platform.

Creating a Sales Funnel with IG stories.

A Sales Funnel is a marketing term that maps out the path that a customer will travel through when making a purchasing decision. 

The Sales Funnel Stages

What do you want your prospect to do? If you have a clear understanding of your target audience you can create content that speaks directly to their desires and struggles.

Step 1: Identify your ideal customer or target audience and what they need that you can help them with.

Step 2: Create content that presents solutions to their problems and ways to achieve their goals. 

Step 3: Create an incentive, freebie, or educational opportunity to give your audience a REASON to want to engage with you.

Step 4: Ask them to take action 

The 6 Principles of Persuasion

In brief, we are inclined to go along with someone’s suggestion if we think that person is a credible expert (authority), if we regard him or her as a trusted friend (liking), if we feel we owe them one (reciprocity), or if doing so will be consistent with our beliefs or prior commitments (consistency). We are also inclined to make choices that we think are popular (consensus [social proof]), and that will net us a scarce commodity (scarcity).”

-Dr. Robert Cialdini, marketing and psychology professor
Author –’Influence’

The sale is made off-line. Use DM’S to build a stronger relationship and then move them off-line to a sales call, consultation, website, training class, webinar, etc. to close the sale. 


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