My name is Rosa and I am a branding strategist\graphic designer.  I am passionate about my work and I know that you are too. I have turned my passion into my career and I can help you do the same.

Let me give you a little history about my journey to this day. I always known what I am passionate about. I have always known what kind of life I wanted to live  but traditional responsibilities (life, family, career, etc) kept me extremely busy and left very little time to pursue my passion. I was working at a job that didn’t fulfill any of my needs to be happy or fulfilled. I was completely miserable and it certainly affected everything and everyone around me. Some people are motivated by money but I am motivated by much more. More than anything, I am motivated by:

  • Creativity
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • The ability to set my own agenda
  • Being able to live life on my own terms
  • Having not limits to how high I can go
  • Not having an income cap
  • Seeing the value of my work
  • Seeing my hard work benefit my family and myself directly

No longer was I content in working only to fulfill the dreams and agenda for someone else. I was tired of being a ‘hamster on a wheel’ doing work that meant very little other than a paycheck to me. I longed for freedom, flexibility, and the power to reach much higher goals. I realized that I had in my possession the ability to achieve more, be more. I just had to GO FOR IT.

I took a leap of faith and started making changes towards achieving goals and pursuing dreams that were always just “dreams”. I took a risk and decided to leave my professional career behind and pursue a different path that fuels my soul. Life is way too short to be miserable or unhappy.

My Mission is to give others the opportunity to create a life of
abundance. I believe that everyone has the ability to live life on their terms.

I believe that the world needs more visionaries.  It is the risk takers, the fearless warriors, that get things done and make life better for the rest of us. 

I am using my experience, lifestyle, knowledge, and expertise to help visionaries showcase their gift to the world.

You can propel your business and your life forward.

You can create your dream life.

You can live life on your terms.

This is your year.


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