5 Reasons why branding is the key to having a successful online business.

5 Reasons why branding is the key to having a successful online business.

Branding helps you:

  • Connect with your audience emotionally. When your audience feels good, they follow and buy.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. Have a clear and strong brand and message helps you win your category or niche.
  • Branding promotes recognition. People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with.
  • Generate referrals. People love to tell others about brands that they love. Similarly, people use and trust brands that their friends and family love and use.
  • Create clarity and focus. Consistency and clear communication eases your audiences’ mind because they always know what they can expect from you. It establishes trust and value.

Branding is what distinguishes your organization, product, or service from the millions of others in the market place.

What is a brand Iconographic
What is a brand?
  • It is the total of all the characteristics: physical features, emotional assets, and cultural and emotional associations. Every product or service associated with a brand carries or assumes emotional assets. These are emotional associations that are derived in response to the brand’s presence.
  • The brand identity is applied to products and services. A brand’s identity is the visual and verbal articulation of the whole brand. A brand identity usually consists of the following:
    • Brand Name
    • Logo
    • Letterhead
    • Business card
    • Packaging
    • Web site
    • Any other applications pertinent to the brand
  • Branding is the ongoing perception by the audience (consumers or public) of the brand. What people think of a brand is what counts. In order to engage successfully with an target audience, your brand has to resonate or connect with them. How they perceive your brand and what they believe about your brand’s value to them is what appeals or evokes emotional connotations. It is that connection that creates brand appeal.
“We don’t just want people to buy a brand, we want people to buy into a brand, to make it part of their lives.”
-Stan Richards, The Richards Group

Branding is a vital component to the success of your business even if you are a personal brand. In order for your business/brand to gain a following and grow a tribe of engaged and loyal customers, there needs to be a perceived like, know, and trust factor.

What makes and establishes appeal?

Strategy checklist:

  • Define and establish a particular value, voice, and spirit/personality.
  • Define the brand essence (what the brand symbolizes and is about).
  • How can we be both honest and appealing?
  • How will we position the brand in the marketplace?
  • Define the brand promise
  • How can we differentiate our brand? Stand out amongst competition?

“What’s in it for me? This is a key question that your audience will want to have answered. To be successful a brand must embody a quality that is relevant to an audience. Differentiation, relevance, confidence, trust, and value are key components to developing a brand presence that connects with your intended target audience.

Having a strong brand isn’t just for big corporations, it applies to any business that is serious and striving for longevity. Customer buying with card

Together we can collaborate to deliver a brand experience that your audience will absolutely love and value. We can create a successful and unique online presence that will accelerate your business growth.  Let’s get started!


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