Still struggling to grow your online business?

You want to grow your online business by reaching and connecting with your ideal audience (clients) but you don’t know how or your current efforts are not working. You spend hours creating content, posting, and trying to reach out to an online audience to grow your business but your business reach is stagnant.

I help struggling fitness professionals and business enthusiasts strategically grow their social media accounts to expand their business reach and profit from social media.  I teach you the exact steps you need to implement to easily reach and connect with your ideal audience. I show you how to turn that audience into loyal customers.

I share the same vision for life as you do. I want to love what I do and earn a living in a career that is aligned with my passion. I can help you make that dream turn into reality.

When your passion and career come together...magic happens quote by Rosa I Evans

You can build a thriving business by following your passion.  This dream life can become reality by tapping into the power of social media and network marketing.

Together we can build a brand and presence online that will allow you to stand out and attract your ideal followers and propel your business forward.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Instagram Account Strategy Review

Social Media Management

Reduce your workload and stress by utilizing professional social media management services. Free up your valuable time so you can dedicate it to your family and clients. End the stress of creating and posting your content and save time and effort.


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT PACKAGE DEAL (*save over $595/mo) 5 or 7 days/week $1800/$2000
*Client provides images and captions ( Posted content 5 Days/week) $800|$1120
30-day content strategy/posting schedule $499
30 min. daily engagement on IG $400 |$560
8 Social Media Graphics (quotes, posts, etc) $200
1 weekly edited image/post $100
1 Weekly 30 min. strategy call $396


Social Media Services (A La Carte)
Strategy sessions consult call -30 MIN $99
Engagement management 30 MINS A DAY/5 DAYS A WEEK (Price per week) $400 |$560
Instagram Audit $99
Hashtag sets for Instagram (3 categories) $99
Post content/day *client provides image/caption $800 | $1120
30 day content strategy/posting schedule $499
Social Media Graphic/Image Editing $25


Lead Generation and Email Design
Landing page with copywriting, email template, and 2 graphics for social campaigns $849
Custom landing page $599
Email template design $175
Automated email Sequence (3 email designs- cost excludes copywriting) $499


Social Media Image

Social Media Growth Training

Is social media giving you a headache? Learn how to use easy step by step methods to gain a complete understanding of how to maximize your Instagram account and turn it into a profitable stream of income for your business. You will learn the secrets to creating a strong visual presence that connects with the ideal audience for your brand!

Instagram consulting (4) 1 HR SESSIONS $499.00
* Introductory session-Defining Goals
Clarify your Brand Message; Establishing Brand ID
Defining Focus; In-depth analysis of target audience
* Id followers; Engagement Strategies; Hashtag Strategies
* Refining profile/feed
*Post content scheduling and Strategy


Follow up Coaching Sessions (1 Hr) $99.00


Brand Design iconographic

Brand Design

Ready to grow your online presence and gain the ultimate competitive advantage to launch your business forward? Together we can brand an experience that your audience will genuinely love and immediately connect with.

Logo Design $799
Branded digital products (Customized digital products) $150
BRANDED ADVERTISING PRODUCTS (physical printed products) pricing varies per product/quantity
Branded T shirt/Tanks Package Quoted per package/client
Website Design/pricing based on client needs/quote only


High Quality Fitness Photography


Quality images convey professionalism and are a key element to giving your brand that competitive edge. Easily attract viewers to your page with visually compelling high quality branded images.

Photography Services
Image editing/Image $25.00
1) 1-hour photo session ( Images in RAW format-unedited) $125.00
2) 1-hour photo session (Images in RAW format +5 edited photos) $175.00


Merchandising apparel

Merchandising Brand Design

Unlock the power of brand association with profitable advertising mediums to quickly turn your brand into a household name with branded merchandise.

Logo Creation $799
Branded Digital/Product (E-book templates, pdf’s, Calendar Set, 5-IG Story Templates, etc.) $150
BRANDED ADVERTISING PRODUCTS (physical printed products) pricing varies per product/quantity Custom quote
Branded T-shirt/Tanks Package Quoted per package/client Custom quote
Website Design/pricing based on client needs/quote only Custom quote


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The longer you delay, the longer your business will take to thrive and succeed. Let’s connect and work together.

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I’m ready to start growing my business!

You can make your vision happen

-If you start listening to your heart

-If you drop all of your inhibitions

-If you lose all of your excuses

-If you decide to just go for it

You are in control and can have it all: your dream job, where you are in control of your business, freedom, flexibility, and unlimited income opportunities!

Turning your passion into a job is much easier than finding a job that matches your passion.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking…create them.

Let’s turn those dreams into reality! Let’s brand your dream life!


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