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Happy Clients

“I love working with Rosa! She provides an excellent service and [is] always finding ways to overcome any obstacle. She is very detail oriented and thorough. She is very quick to respond and always has a solution.” -Shannon S. @thicctheory

“Rosa was always professional, relatable and patient. I worked hard because I knew she was a busy mom too! Her advice doubled my engagement within a month. The 1:1 feedback was crucial.”-Anna M. @a_de_salvo

“Rosa has been of great help to guide me and allow me to genuinely grow on instagram. It has been a means that has brought in several new clients for me. By the content that she helps me come up with and post, many new patients have become interested and will reach out to me for services. She does a great job at answering questions and really feeling like a support team for me during these beginning stages of entrepreneurship. Social media, especially instagram, is very tricky with its algorithms but Rosa has it mastered and has been a great help at telling me what to focus on when it comes to posts and showing up for my brand! I highly recommend her services! “

-Dr. J. Cordts @drjcordts.dpt

“I’m a personal trainer and my days are long so I have very little spare time. I knew that I needed to have a social media presence so I started working with Rosa to help me save time and still be able to show up consistently. Since I started working with her, my account has grown and it looks so much better than before. I couldn’t figure out how to make it grow and work before. I now have people reaching out to me straight from Instagram for services.”

-L. Brown @flacobrown1

My name is Rosa and I am a Branding | Social Media expert. I businesses build their brand and online presence. I have a MS in Media Design with a concentration in corporate branding. I am a mom, graphic designer, fitness enthusiast, former art teacher, & social media expert. Under all of these hats, I have developed the skills and knowledge to take a brand from concept to established presence.


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